Results of ECTS Workshop Dushanbe and public conference on Bologna principles

From 17 - 22 September 2010 the conference on Bologna principles and ECTS workshop for ProTraining project took place at the premises of Tajik State Pedagogical University. Our project partner representative Katri Raik, Director of the Narva College at Tartu University, held the presentation followed by a lively discussion on the principles of the Bologna Declaration and their implementation by the example of Estonia.
The first workshop sessions on ECTS and its implementation into teacher training were conducted by Pieter Vielfont Training Manager for Teacher Training at Erasmus University College Brussels. For the different ECTS and teacher training practices in the participating countries and universities and the corresponding workshop sessions, Pieter Vielfont was supported by Katri Raik of Narva College,  Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Huneke of  Freiburg University of Education and Anne Kadolph of Dresden University of Technology.
In addition to the theoretical approaches at the workshop, Tajik State Pedagogical University organised a site visit to school no 53 in Dushanbe for the workshop participants to experience school teaching in Tajikistan as well as the observation of a TSPU lecture on “Methodology of teaching mathematics”.


Our special thanks go to Nazira Imomyorova, Vice-Rector for International Relations at Tajik State Pedagogical University, for organising and hosting this workshop.